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The contract below was created to ensure all clients know exactly what a photography session with Kimberly Chandler Photography entails and to guarantee that client and photo expectations are met. Please read the entire contract carefully, digitally sign and submit prior to session.

SESSION INFORMATION & UNDERSTANDING: The signing of this contract states the client’s understanding that it is their choice to participate in this session, and that the client will not hold the photographer responsible for any negative actions or feelings that may commence due to the images of this shoot. By submitting this contract, the client agrees to the terms, conditions, and timeline of the session, and the delivery of images and products. 

Deposit: This signed contract and 50% of the total package cost are required to book any session or package. The remainder of the package amount is due one day prior to the scheduled session, In the event of a canceled session this retainer is non-refundable but can be transferred to a future session. Kimberly Chandler Photography reserves the right to refuse services/products if the payment arrangements have not been met unless prior arrangements have been made.

Payment Stipulations: There is a $25 fee for any returned checks. In the event of a previous returned check by client, Kimberly Chandler Photography reserves the right to refuse payment of checks in the future. Sessions, design progress and printed orders will not be commenced until payment has been received and processed in full.

Gallery:  Kimberly Chandler Photography will deliver via gallery link 20 edited digital images. Turnaround time: 2 weeks. Any additional requested edited digital images will be $20 per image. The photographer is more than happy to do small corrections after the gallery has been sent. Any additional editing after that will be an additional charge of $20 per image.

Schedule Arrangements: All sessions will start at the scheduled time even if the client is tardy or unprepared. The session end time will remain the same. If additional time is needed, client will have the option to pay for additional time at an hourly rate. If more than one location is used in a single session, the travel time does count towards the total session time. The same applies for outfit changes. The client is responsible for providing any props or outfits that are to be used within the session unless otherwise stated. Kimberly Chandler Photography will not be held responsible for additional sessions needed due to forgotten items. If client is late or more than fifteen minutes late without a text or message, Kimberly Chandler Photography reserves the right to reschedule.

Inclement Weather:  In the event of inclement weather; not limited to severe storm, extreme temperatures, etc. Kimberly Chandler Photography is not responsible for missed photographs.  Photographer has the right to end any session early or require a reschedule if deemed necessary. 

Additional Fees: In the event that the client specifies a certain shoot location, the client is responsible for all location fees involved such as access fees, parking, etc. Client is also responsible for arranging the location access and any permits/passes related to doing so. There are additional fees for the following: added time, additional outfit changes, or any products/prints/services not specified in the package purchased.

There may be an additional charge of $15 per session for large parties (more than 6 people). Additional fees may be assessed for the adding of more than one person within this portrait session. 

Cooperation: Kimberly Chandler Photography is not held responsible for behavior of parties involved with the shoot. If the desired outcome of your session is jeopardized by the behaviors of parties involved with the exception of studio personnel, Kimberly Chandler Photography cannot be held responsible. We reserve the right to suggest session rescheduling if progress is not achieved within the first 15-20 minutes of session.

Client Usage Rights/Copyrights: The photographs produced by Kimberly Chandler Photography are protected by Federal Copyright Law (all rights reserved) and may not be edited/filter in any manner without explicit written permission. Client reserves the right to share images previously posted by photographer on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram. It is a breach of this contract to crop or alter images in any way. 

Usage Rights/Copyrights: Client grants Kimberly Chandler Photography unrestricted usage rights and copyrights to use and publish photographs in any manner or medium. Client grants Kimberly Chandler Photography permission to use images taken within this session in samples, marketing materials, editorial, & online web presences, including but not limited to, website, social networks, blog, etc. Images may also be used in photographic competitions and for publication in which case the client will release all profits from images.

Reshoot Policy: In the event that Kimberly Chandler Photography is required to reshoot the session without 24-hour prior notice, the client will be responsible for an additional retainer deposit to secure that date. In the event that the weather conditions are not desirable for the shoot, the session will need to be rescheduled and the fee will be waived. Due to liability and equipment damages this decision will be at Kimberly Chandler Photography discretion. In the event the client must cancel the contracted services, and balance is paid prior to the session, the photographer agrees to refund all money paid, excluding retainer fee.

Limit of Liability: In the unlikely event that the photographer is injured or becomes too ill to photograph the session, a reshoot will be scheduled for the next available time slot. Although care will be taken with digital files, the photographer limits any liability for loss, damage or failure to deliver photographs for any reason of photographer's non-performance caused by any force or similar circumstances, illness, accident or any cause beyond their control. All images will be backed up and archived for a reasonable length of time. After one year, it is understood that images will continuously be kept in archives, but photographer cannot be held liable for unexpected loss, damage or quality loss of session images.

Proofing & Ordering: An online gallery will be created and provided to you no later than 2-3 weeks following scheduled session. This gallery will be hosted for 30 days, There will be a $25 charge to upload your gallery for additional time. Orders will not be placed without your consent to print. Once images and products are approved and ordered, we bear no responsibility for errors found subsequently.  Prices are subject to change at any time without client notification regarding printed products and services provided. This contract solidifies the package contents and price at the time of booking – this excludes pricing for printed products and design fees.

Creative Privilege: By scheduling a session with Kimberly Chandler Photography, you agree to the creative liberties and style Kimberly Chandler Photography chooses to pursue. 

By signing this contract, I agree to all the terms and conditions. Any amendments made to this contract must be agreed upon by all parties involved, in writing.

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