7th Anniversary! Can you believe it?!

I'm super excited that this month marks my 7th Year Anniversary! I'm sure you are asking why 7?! Well, I won't lie, I forgot about the previous years. I was actually shocked to see I was up to 7 years already. It has not honestly felt like it has been this long. It has been a journey... HOW IT ALL BEGAN In 2012, I told my husband that I had an interest in starting a photography business. Let me tell you, I have an awesome husband. Shortly after, he bought me a start up Nikon D3100 camera. My first session, a friend's wedding. Anyone knows anything about wedding photography knows that I started out the hard way. But, for a beginner photographer it went over well and obviously didn't scare me too bad as I've hit my 7 year mark.


To Celebrate this milestone, I will be focusing on highlighting other Businesses! I will be giving away 2 business photography sessions. This includes; photos of inside/outside of business, photos of the team, and 25% off cards for all employees to use for their own personal sessions. This would be awesome for any type of business but specially for a small business looking for Facebook ads or advertisement material. The requirements: - 1 business must be within Pike County Missouri. - The 2nd business can be within 150 mi from Louisiana, MO. - Not required but would be super cool if the business / employees liked my facebook or Instagram. - The business must be tagged or nominated in the facebook post for this blog. (Click "Facebook Post"). If nominating, please make sure the business is actually interested in such a gift. *Anyone can nominate a business for this giveaway (even the business itself - employees). On October 1st, I will randomly pick two businesses. THANK YOU Thank you to all my clients and supporters over the last 7 years. Without you all, I wouldn't be at 7 years. Well, that and I wouldn't be able to do what I love! :)

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